2017 Volkswagen Golf R York PA

When it comes to performance in the Volkswagen lineup, no vehicles show up quite like the Golf R, which has a wide variety of system and capabilities that are all driven by performance. Though it’s a compact car, there is a lot to know about the Golf R, and to help clue you in on some of its most impressive features we thought we would look at a few of those performance-driven systems that we just hinted to. If you are looking for a vehicle with power, but also the ability to control it, the Golf R is the one for you. Believe us.

Here at York Volkswagen, you can find the Golf R in our inventory, and while looking at pictures of the hatchback on our website can be rewarding, that experience is nothing compared to coming in and seeing it in person. The Golf R is one of those vehicles that can only be fully understood in the flesh. Its size, but also the feeling that it gives you when you wrap your hands around the wheel and tap on the pedal for the first time are things that simply cannot be realized by looking at a picture. So while we invite you to check out our inventory, we also encourage you to take the next step and stop by or schedule a test drive.

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Performance Technology Style
2.0L Turbo Engine 4Motion AWD Dual Exhaust w/ Quad Tips
292 Horsepower Dynamic Chassis Control Top Sport Seats
280 Pound-Feet Torque 6-Speed DSG Transmission 19" Pretoria Alloy Wheels
31 MPG Highway Sport Mode Blue Accent Gauges

Performance of the 2017 VW Golf R

Seeing as we’ve hyped up the performance of the Golf R quite a bit already, it’s time for us to deliver. You can get a pretty good idea of what the hatchback is capable of by taking a look at the chart above, but there are a few things that you should know a bit more about. It all starts with the 2.0-liter turbo engine.

The engine in question is the only engine offered in the Golf R because it’s the only one that you’ll ever need. It manages to produce just shy of 300 horsepower and is able to shell out 280 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough for the 4Motion all-wheel drive system to play with. The AWD system is able to ship up to 50 percent of engine torque to the rear set of wheels, which not only helps the Golf R to perform in unfavorable road conditions or off-road environments, but helps to refine its drive by eliminating things such as oversteering and understeering. The drive is one that you truly must experience to understand.

As you can see for the chart, there are a few other features at play in the performance of the Golf R, but we want to take this opportunity to delve a bit deeper into its design. The Golf R is essentially just the Golf on steroids, and that’s a good thing. It’s far more athletic in its look, and on the inside, its sporty look is beautifully mirrored. What makes the interior so great is that it’s extremely comfortable to boot. There are top-of-the-line sport seats that are there to catch you every time that you’re thrown back in them.

To learn more about the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R, check out our inventory here at York Volkswagen. You can also just stop by to see the performance hatchback in person. Either way, we know that you’ll like what you see. If you have any questions along the way, know that we are always here to help you out.

2017 Volkswagen Golf R York PA Exterior Front Grille
2017 Volkswagen Golf R York PA Exterior Blue Rear
2017 Volkswagen Golf R York PA Interior Dashboard
2017 Volkswagen Golf R York PA Interior