Volkswagen Dash Indicator Lights

When your dash lights up, it can be scary. "What is my car trying to tell me?" you may be wondering, "and how far am I from the York Volkswagen service team?"


Red warning symbols: Pull off the road safely and stop the engine immediately

Yellow warning symbols: Check the cause as soon as possible

Schedule Service


Warning / Indicator Light

Description / Instructions



Airbag or belt tensioning system faulty, or passenger airbags deactivated


Antilock Braking System (ABS) malfunction

If there is an ABS malfunction, the ABS warning light comes on in combination with the brake warning light


Brake pad wear indicator

Check brake pads



  • Parking brake is applied (light on)
  • ABS malfunction (ABS light is also on)
  • Low brake fluid
  • (no warning)
  • See owner's manual
  • "Stop! Brake fluid.
  • Stop vehicle." (Audible warning)

Diesel engine pre-glow before engine start-up

Solid: Diesel engine pre-glow system is switched on Flashing: Malfunction in the diesel engine


Particulate Filter (diesel engines)

Filter blocked with soot. See owner's manual


AdBlue level warning

Refill AdBlue tank or AdBlue system malfunction


AdBlue no restart warning

No engine restart possible Not enough AdBlue or AdBlue system malfunction


AdBlue system malfunction warning

AdBlue system malfunction or not filled with standard AdBlue


Electronic Power Control (exhaust gas)

Engine malfunction - bring in for service


Oil pressure warning

"Stop - no oil pressure, turn engine OFF. See owner's manual." (3x audible warning)


Yellow solid: Power steering assist reduced Yellow flashing: Malfunction in the electronic steering column lock Red solid: Power assist failure Red flashing: Malfunction in the electronic steering column lock

1x audible warning "Stop the vehicle and do not continue to drive." (3x audible warning)

  • Parking brake system/electric parking brake applied
  • ABS/Brake system malfunction
  • EPB malfunction

See owner's manual


Electric parking brake warning light

Parking brake error - see owner's manual



Solid: ESP/ASR inactive Flashing: ESP/ASR event


Bulb failure

Solid: Bulb failure Flashing: Headlamp leveling or AFS defective


Hood open

Stop! Engine hood is open or not closed properly


License plate bulb failure

One or more license plate lights burned out


Brake light bulb failure

One or more brake lights burned out


Low fuel level

"Please refuel"(1x audible warning)


Coolant level low Coolant temperature high

"Stop! Check coolant level. See owner's manual."(3x audible warning)


Alternator low voltage output

Charging system failure


Engine malfunction (on-board diagnostics)

Engine emission malfunction - bring in for service


Fuel cap off or missing

Fuel cap off or missing


Oil level low

Check oil level Oil sensor - bring in for service


Tire pressure monitoring system

"Tire pressure low or system failure"(1x audible warning)


Shift lock

Appears when brake must be applied to shift vehicle into gear


DSG transmission too hot

Stop! Do not continue driving (Allow the transmission to cool with the gear shifter in park position)


Automatic transmission malfunction

Contact York VW Service Department immediately to have your system checked.


Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights on


Washer fluid low

"Fill with washer fluid"(1x audible warning)


Rain sensor malfunction

Switch the ignition off and on again, if the light stays on, contact our York VW Service Department



Incorrect key Key not adapted to vehicle


Hybrid drive system malfunction Hybrid drive system: warning when leaving the vehicle

Yellow: Hybrid system malfunction. See York VW Service Department Red: Stop the vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible